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Daria Dorosh: Plays Well with Others

Sculpture and multi-media installation with guests


 April 1 – 24, 2004    opening reception Thursday, April 1, 6 – 8pm


 A.I.R. Gallery

511 West 25 Street

New York, NY 10001


Daria Dorosh is showing an installation of clothing ball sculptures with sound and scent, inkjet prints, and a video projection on the OmniGlobe®, a self-contained spherical display system from ARC Science Simulations.


For her exhibition, she has invited a group of artists, educators, game designers, programmers, scientists, theorists, and social activists to join her in exploring the unique dynamics of spherical globe projection by creating work for the globe and participating in various aspects of the exhibition.


The participants serve as content creators and content material for each other’s work.

The 14 clothing ball sculptures are made from the wardrobe of each participant, with a sound composition of their voices created by Clilly Castiglia. The scent for the installation has been created by Gayil Nalls, an artist who works with botanicals to create social olfactory sculpture. Carter Emmart has created a real time cosmic Barbie show.

The inkjet prints are based on images of Galen Brandt, who is transformed into Patternwoman, a visual cultural bridge between east and west expressed through pattern and color in clothing.


The participants in the show have put together an audio/visual program for the OmniGlobe on themes arising out of their individual and professional interests. The program is composed of individual video works each under 4 minutes in length, which are accessed by manipulating a trackball puppet designed by Kate Brehm. The content is never totally visible from any one vantage point and the viewer has to seek out the material by moving around the sphere. The interaction is serious fun, a game of chance and choice, with color, motion, and sound. Some of the shared themes that have emerged in the exhibition are culture, identity, location, pattern, re-use, and play.

The guests are Galen Brandt, performer and creative director of; Kate Brehm, NYU CAT Lab; Clilly Castiglia, Director of Operations & Development, NYU Center for Advanced Technology/Media Research Lab; Steve DiPaola, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, CA; Carter Emmart, Director of Astro-visualization, Rose Center for Earth and Space, American Museum of Natural History; Ian Epps, sound artist; Kevin Feeley, NYU CAT Lab; Mary Flanagan, artist; Harriet Mayor Fulbright, social activist; Lizbeth Goodman, Director, The SMARTlab Centre, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, The London Institute; Gayil Nalls, artist; Jeremi Sudol, NYU CAT Lab; and Camille Utterback, artist.

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