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 DEEP play   

 imaginary realms and comfort objects for grown-ups 

An installation of digital prints and textile sculpture October 4-28, 2012  ​A.I.R. Gallery, New York   

Deep Play  exhibition announcement
Pink Pearl
Doily Face
Doily Face (back view)
Puppets on a Rope
Cucumber Girl
Owl Princess
Teacher's Pet
Sleepy Hero
Pillow Walk
Edith's Hat
Little Boy Lost
Mama's Boy
Mercurial Guide
Baby Face
Baba Yaga
To Relax
Pillow Walk Heralds the Coronation
To Hide
Dreamers in the Valley of Dry Bones.jpg
Owl Princess Reveals the Destruction of Babylon .jpg
Cucumber Girl Escapes from the Four Beasts.jpg
To Wait
To Rest
To Look
To Float
To Belong
Blue Swim
Blue Play
Blue Escape



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