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A.I.R. Gallery 511 West 25th Street, NYC.

Gallery I & II

Daria Dorosh: The Changing Room

Thursday, February 8, 2007 6 to 8pm


New York, N.Y., February 6, 2007 - Daria Dorosh will show her new work on the theme of change, visibility, vulnerability and risk in The Changing Room, a multi-media installation with undertones of the French film classic La Belle et La Bete, and a clothing store’s “Try-on Room.”  Two new digital print series will be shown: Little Nothings, photographs of tiny sculptures, which invite fantasy and narrative, and Follow the Pattern, video stills from Patternwoman, Ohio Version.


The Changing Room includes fashion items for visitors to try on or contemplate. A ‘Magic Mirror’ and a web cam post the activity in the gallery to the artists’ website.  One “try-on” element is a collaboration between Dorosh and the poet Marcia Nehemiah who knit 20 “wristy-crats,” fashion components that visitors may model for the web cam on site, along with Nehemiah’s knit nose warmers and Dorosh’s own Dressy Pot Holder Hat


Four evening events, which draw on the exhibition’s themes will be held throughout February. All are free and open to the public.  The events include a multimedia history of Mary Wollstonecraft, Britain's first feminist; a symposium on The Sound of Pattern; a panel of men who will discuss What Do Men Want? Hot Clothes! and Fragments from the Highlands of Scotland via Northlands Glass Workshop: A visual story. A 2001 catalog of work by Daria Dorosh, Reweaving Time, with essays by David Carrier and Dominique Nahas is available from A.I.R. Gallery. The exhibition is supported in part by a grant from the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance

The Changing Room Events


Friday, Feb.16, 6-7:30 @ A.I.R. Gallery

Wollstonecraft Live! A multimedia history of Mary Wollstonecraft, Britain's first feminist. Presented by Fragments & Monuments, London.  Anna Birch director/producer and Kaethe Fine writer.


Tuesday, Feb. 20, 6-7:30 @ A.I.R. Gallery

The Sound of Pattern. John Kiehl-Soundtrack Studios, Marty Quinn-Design Rhythmics, and guests.


Tuesday, Feb.27, 5:30-7:30 @ A.I.R.Gallery

What Do Men Want? Hot Clothes! An evening with Howard Bloom, Bruce Damer, Carter Emmart, Leonid Gurevitch, and Second Life.


Friday, March 2, 6-7:30pm @ A.I.R. Gallery

Sandy Gellis: A Visual Story from the Northlands Glass Workshop in the Highlands of Scotland. 

Daria Dorosh is an artist, activist, senior researcher and Ph.D. candidate with SMARTlab at the University of East London. Her thesis is on the informatics of Patterning in which she posits an underlying structure that crosses the gap between fashion, fine art and digital culture. Since 1974, she has produced sixteen one-person shows and her work has been shown at media events such as DEAF, DIGit, Siggraph2004, and published in Leonardo, Journal of the International Society for the Arts and Sciences and Technology. Her work integrates traditional art practice with digital media and experimental installation.


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